Braid Productions finds its name in the idea that when three things of value are combined and intertwined they become stronger; the act of combining them can be both functional and beautiful.  As the three founding members combine their talents and skills, Braid Productions will take the three founding principles of Community, Creativity and Integrity and weave them together to create a Live Theater Company that will enrich Central Massachusetts.


Braid Productions mission is to provide a high-quality theater experience for its audiences and members of its productions in an environment that promotes the value of all individuals.


Braid Productions strives to strengthen the art community of Central Massachusetts by being a resource and partner to other organizations.


The Braid Creative Team

Neal Martel

One of the founding members of Braid Productions, Neal has been involved in the local community theater scene since the 1980's. In the past 10 years Neal has been involved in over 50 shows with many local theater groups, participating in all aspects of theater production including: lighting and sound design, stage managing, directing, and acting. Neal is thrilled to be able to add to this theater experience by beginning to produce shows with Braid Productions.  He hopes that this new company will add more opportunities for audiences and members of the company to experience quality performances.  Neal is just beside himself with glee to be embarking on this endevour with his outstanding and talented friend of many years, Jeremy Woloski. He is proud and fortunate to have the support of his trusted friend Rebecca Woloski as the third founding member of Braid productions.  Neal hopes that "The 39 Steps" will be the first of many shows for Braid Productions and that the company will be able to be a vehicle for folks to express their creativity, talent as well as share the camaraderie on and behind the stage.  When not treading the boards in local theater productions, Neal has worked for InterAct911 as a quality assurance engineer developing public safety software since 2001 and enjoys traveling to Walt Disney World every chance he can get with anyone crazy enough to go along.


Jeremy Woloski

Jeremy Woloski is excited to be one of the founding members of Braid Productions and is looking forward to this new and rewarding theatrical experience. He has been acting and directing in the area for the past 20 years in various groups and is dedicated to bringing those experiences to Braid Productions. He hopes that Braid Productions will be an outlet for all who want to be involved in the theater arts. The goal is to provide exceptional experiences to all skill levels and create an environment that all performers can truly succeed in. This group would not be possible without two of the most influential people in his world, Neal Martel and Rebecca Woloski. They have provided insight, experience, creativity and most of all support as we as team embark on this new endeavor. For the past 15 years Jeremy has been teaching theatre at Burncoat Middle School in Worcester Massachusetts. He lives in Holland Ma, with his loving wife Rebecca, and two children, Ella and Jamie.  

Rebecca Woloski

Rebecca Woloski is so happy to be part of Braid Productions with two of the most talented and loyal people she has ever met, Jeremy Woloski and Neal Martel.  She has always had a love for the arts including dance, music and live theater.  She enjoys being behind the scenes the most and helping produce shows that audiences are moved by whether that’s comedic or dramatic or musical.  Braid Productions believes fully in treating everyone with respect and kindness and fostering the talents everyone brings.  Rebecca is an occupational therapist in the Charlton area and loves helping people of all ages.  She lives in Holland with her best friend and husband, Jeremy, and two amazing children, Ella and Jamie.