April 6th and 9th 6:30 pm Sharp

By Ray Cooney

Directed by Jeremy Woloski

Produced by special arrangement 

with Samuel French, Inc.

Greendale People's Church

25 Francis Street

Worcester, MA 01606

A London cab driver, John Smith, literally has two lives, complete with two different wives, Mary and Barbara. Somehow, he manages to juggle them both without arousing suspicion. However, he gets caught up in a mugging and wakes up in a hospital. He ends up with the wrong wife by his side and is forced to deal with explaining things to both of his wives and the police all at once.



John Smith Lead 30-50 – A taxi driver who is a very likeable guy, despite the fact that he knowingly commits bigamy. John is unassuming, but quick-witted and extremely inventive with regard to his ‘double’ life and requires an actor with great comic timing who is able to handle physical comedy and witty double entendres.
Barbara Smith Lead 25 - 45 – John’s wife who is amorous and sexy.
Mary Smith Lead – 25 – 45 - John’s uptight other wife whose major purpose is being the perfect ‘homemaker’.
Stanley Gardner - 30 - 50 - The Smith’s upstairs neighbor and John’s best friend. Should have great comic timing and an ability to portray physical comedy.
Detective Sergeant Troughton 25+ – A slightly severe young police detective (male or female) who investigates the discrepancies in John Smith’s story.
Detective Sergeant Porterhouse - 40- 64 – A likeable and bumbling middle-aged police detective (could be male or female) who investigates the discrepancies in John Smith’s story.
Bobby Franklyn - 25 - 40+ - The Smith’s upstairs neighbor, a flamboyantly gay dress designer.



For more information: email Jeremy Woloski at mr_roat@hotmail.com

Production Dates

6/12, 6/13, 6/19, 6/20 7:30 pm

6/14, 6/21 2:00 pm